Fancy hair for novel inspiration…

I love writing historical fiction. Sometimes it’s historical fiction with some fantastical element, or it’s history with a science fiction theme thrown in (think Victorian steampunk). Sometimes it’s just straight up using the real-life drama of past days to create interesting and diverse characters.

When I took on my first Victorian-era novel, I decided I wanted to get better at doing some “fancy hair.” I had also just read Jenny Han’s contemporary YA series, where the teen is always doing cool things with her hair. (You want to laugh and fall in love with a character? Read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.) So I sat down with one of my favorite research tools. Oh yeah. It’s awesome.

I love you, Pinterest.

So here were some of my favorite hairdos…

You like these? Check out more in my “Hair I will someday do” Pinterest album.

Otherwise, take a look at this handy-dandy chignon I tried on myself while doing 1920s research:


It’s so fun. Somedays I want to cut my hair in a cute summer cut. But then, I’d have to use my 8-year-old’s hair for practice, and she “doesn’t have time for that.” 😉

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