Hunt for the Fallen

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The Recruit

Catch an angel, earn a fortune. Get caught by one, and you may lose your life. In the high stakes game of hunting for the fallen, you must be quick or you will be dead.

It’s an honor to be recruited for service, but the game is not always what it seems. In a tough world where loyalties are murky, it takes guts, training, and luck to survive.

And in a small Texas town, the world for one teenager is about to turn sideways.


Second edition now available!

The Mark

Thirty angel hunters—murdered. An ages-old prophecy set in motion. The son of an angel and human vows to rescue the fallen, no matter the cost to humankind.

The city of Canyon, Texas, has become the battleground for a new war. The forces of Heaven and Hell have a common adversary, and one angel hunting team—Landon, Cassie, Sophie, and Abe—are ready to take on the enemy. But in this deadly game, many are not who they seem, and any error in judgment will lead to certain death.

And when Heaven’s most powerful angel falls, the line between good and evil will vanish forever.

MarkNew copy

Second edition now available!

The Condemned

The Great Messenger has fallen. Now Heaven and Hell will battle for his soul.

There will be no peace… The Nephilim traitor Hadrian is assembling his army, and time is running out. As Landon and Cassie come to terms with their hidden pasts, Elijah finds himself on the run, a wanted angel, and once again in love. With his condemnation certain, he must race to fix the mistakes of his past before he is caught and thrown into the Abyss. With new allies and old enemies, the angel hunters again find themselves battling for their very lives, with the future of the human race dependent on the outcome.

CondemnedNew copy

Second edition coming soon!

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