Teen Mobster Series

Teen Mobster Series
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Ages 12+

What might it be like to go from having nothing to having everything you ever wanted? How would you feel if you suddenly had a new family with a life that seemed almost too good to be true? What if it was too good to be true?

Danny knows what it’s like. He thinks he’s living a dream come true, until it turns into a nightmare.

The Teen Mobster Series follows his discovery of his family’s criminal past as well as his own role in fighting the very organization that has taken him in like family.

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Accidental Mobster

Book One in the Teen Mobster Series

When 15-year-old Danny Higgins goes to live with his wealthy godfather, he has no idea that he’s being taken in by a mob family. He loves his new home and extravagant lifestyle, especially when the girls can’t seem to get enough of him. But when Danny discovers his godfather makes a living in the Mafia, he soon finds himself caught in a dangerous world that could leave him sleeping with the fishes.


Undercover Wiseguy

Book Two in the Teen Mobster Series

Having survived his first brush of death with the Mafia, Danny’s life seems to be settling into a steady routine until a figure from his past sets him back on a collision course with the local mob. With disaster threatening him at every turn, Danny makes a dangerous decision to go undercover, hoping to find out whom he can trust. With the loyalty of Danny’s godfather, Gino, unclear, and law enforcement closing in, Danny must face his past and his fears to stay one step ahead of those who would hurt the people he loves the most.UndercoverWiseguy

Covert Criminal

Book Three in the Teen Mobster Series

After the tragic death of a family member, Danny is convinced he must take down the Newcastle Mafia once and for all. Danny finds himself facing off with his old nemesis, Tommy Gallo, and being used as bait by the mob to entice Danny’s  father to return to Newcastle. With the help of the FBI, Danny hatches a plan to join the mob as an associate. But when an operation goes terribly wrong, Danny must defend the lives of the family who has become his own and team up with his estranged father to fight the mob down to the very last man.CovertCriminalARE