School Visits

Author M. M. Cox enjoys speaking to children, teenagers, and adults about the writing process and publishing business. She is available for school speaking engagements. Each visit can be tailored to the needs of each individual school or classroom. Please contact her using the form below to discuss specifics.

Classes for Bookstores, Libraries, and Schools

The classes listed below are taught by author M. M. Cox and can be tailored to fit the venue’s needs. Please contact her directly to discuss price and availability.

Teen Creative Writing Workshop
Four to six hours/two to six classes
Teens ages 13 through 18 will learn the fundamental skills for building characters, starting a story or article, avoiding writing pitfalls, using correct grammar, researching publishing
markets, and writing a query letter. Worksheets will be provided by instructor.

Writing YA Fiction
Three to eight hours/one to six classes
Adults 18+ will be immersed in a rigorous course that will cover story structure, outlining, voice, dialogue, description, potential markets, publishing options, revision, peer review, and query letters.

Children’s Writing Workshop
One to six hours/one to six classes
Children ages 8 through 12 will learn fundamentals of the creative writing process. The class will include dramatic storytelling, character outlines, story plotting, journaling, and illustration.

Jumpstart Your Novel
Four to eight hours/four to eight classes
Adults 18+ will learn the fundamental skills for outlining a plot, building characters, overcoming writers block, following a “writers” schedule, researching publishing markets, and writing a query letter. Worksheets will be provided by instructor. The goal for each participant is 30,000 words by the end of the class.

 Punctuation Workshop
One to two hours/one class
This class is perfect for writing clubs or critique groups who want to avoid the pitfalls of punctuation errors as they complete novles. The instructur will cover common errors of punctuation in narrative and dialogue, as well as help writers troubleshoot first pages (time allowing). This is a fun, upbeat class poised to improve every writer’s craft. 

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