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It’s official! The Recruit is on the 2016 SCBWI Winter Reading List! Take this fast-paced adventure for a spin, which includes angels (both good & “bad to the bone”), bounty hunters, motorcycles, and some cool tattoos. Not your normal paranormal thriller! There are also some other great books by Oklahoma authors on this list, so make sure to check out the Oklahoma/Texas portion!


Accidental Mobster, the first in the Teen Mobster Series and the winner of the Creative Women of Oklahoma award for young adult book, is now on the 2016 SCBWI Summer Reading List! Check it out at


Coming July 3! Exclusive eBook release of the Teen Mobster Series. It’s an offer you can’t refuse!


Hunt for the Fallen

TheRecruitCatch an angel, earn a fortune. Get caught by one, and you may lose your life. In the high stakes game of hunting for the fallen, you must be quick or you will be dead.

It’s an honor to be recruited for service, but the game is not always what it seems. In a dangerous world where loyalties are murky, it takes guts, training, and luck to survive.

See more of the trilogy…

Teen Mobster Series

Creative Women of Oklahoma Winner of Young Adult Book!

When Danny Higgins goes to live with his wealthy godfather, he has no idea that he’s being taken in by a mob family. He loves his new home and extravagant lifestyle, especially when the girls can’t seem to get enough of him. But on a fateful trip one night to the old diner downtown, Danny soon finds himself caught in a dangerous world that could leave him sleeping with the fishes.

See more of the trilogy…


  • 2016 Deep River Books Manuscript Contest – First Runner Up (Outlaw)
  • 2015 Goodreads Choice nomination for Young Adult Fiction (The Mark)
  • 2014 Creative Women of Oklahoma Award for Young Adult Book (Accidental Mobster)
  • 2013 Oklahoma Writers Federation First Place for Young Adult Manuscript (Fierce)


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