Five reasons ANYBODY should read the Teen Mobster Series

I love getting feedback on the first two books in my three-part Teen Mobster Series from Bluewood Publishing. People like the characters, the drama, the action, and the romance. Yeah, I’m kinda’ partial to it too:)

But apparently, I’m competing with a smorgasbord of technology for teen readers these days. I mean, who’s going to pick up a book with, like, words in it when you can watch a movie that will give you an explosion every 5.2 minutes? Who needs a plot? Who needs a realistic character? Let’s play a video game we’ve played five-hundred times and try to kill the same villain over and over again.


Let me give you (and I mean anyone over the age of ten who likes a little action, romance, and suspense–which is everyone) a few reasons to pick up Accidental Mobster and its friend, Undercover Wiseguy, this weekend.

1. It’s the Mafia. You’ve survived six seasons of The Sopranos and three Godfather movies. Who can give you your mobster fix now? That’s right. This gal.

2. The main character, Danny, can hold his own in a fight–even with mobsters. I’m sorry, but that’s just cool.

3. There’s money, and lots of it.

4. There’s explosions. And kissing. And gunfights. And family drama. And explosions. I mean seriously, who needs a movie when I’ve managed to shove all that into one trilogy?

5. It’s the Mafia. Did I say that already? You’re not cool unless you’ve made it. And this series will give you a head start on all that mob lingo.

I said five reasons? Well, here’s one more–in all seriousness now. This entire series gives a shout out to law enforcement–at least the good ones. And at the end of the day, justice gets served on so many levels, I promise you’ll love it.

Oh, and it ends with a wedding. I mean, come on!

So come on down and join the family…

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