Sharing the awesomeness (or lack thereof)

This is my very first blog under my official blog page. I hope you are as excited as I am. Because seriously, we will be discussing earth-shattering questions and the finer points of the universe here.


Okay, not really. But if you want to get a flavor for my books and how I dig up my writing material, this is the place, folks. Or, if you want to find out how an author with two tiny kiddos gets the job done, I’ll talk about it all here.

I like a little funny with a little romance and a lot of excitement. It’s what I write. Currently I have a series with Bluewood Publishing (Teen Mobster Series). I love writing for teens, but I hope to write nail-biting contemporary science fiction like Michael Crichton someday. Wouldn’t that be cool? I would just add a little bit of my own touch of romance and humor. It could be like Jurassic Park meets Sleepless in Seattle. Awesome, right? Okay, that sounds suspiciously godzilla-like. But you get my drift.

Just remember, you read this at your own risk…

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