Finding the Write Time

Hey! Just let it go, alright? I can hear you groaning over my poor pun of a title. Whatever.

The thing is, you know exactly what I’m talking about here, right? How can the not-quite-full-time novelist make more time for writing?

The answer is she (or he) digs around in her day and finds a few spare moments. I’m telling you, it’s no easier for me than it is for you. In fact, it’s really, really hard.

Here are the facts. I have kids. Little kids. As in, a baby and a toddler. Moments of silence are as rare as a clean diaper around here. Also, I train for half-marathons and blog about it here. Finally, I just released the first book in a new series, and promoting it takes some serious time. I’m talking serious look-at-me, look-at-me social media time.

But I still get the job done. I’ve completed two new manuscripts this year, as well as a full edit of some past work. It works like this: my husband’s alarm goes off, and I roll out of the bed. Before I even have my legs firmly beneath me, I head to the kitchen, rev the laptop, and get the fingers moving. That’s discipline, baby, and nothing else.

A question I often get at my writing workshops is as follows: “What inspires you to write?” The answers to that question are endless–people, music, news stories, my own crazy past–they all inspire stories. But here’s the answer to the question they don’t ask–the question about whether I’m always inspired when I write.

The answer is no. Sometimes it takes three cups of coffee to write a paragraph. Sometimes I stare at the screen and wave my arms, waiting for magic to happen. Sometimes I stare at the baby monitor and pray for a baby intervention.

Because writing is hard, hard work. It’s awesome I-can’t-believe-I-get-to-do-it work too. But if you think writing comes naturally, think again. Sometimes you push your story out, sometimes you pull it. And even though it’s the coolest job in the world to write books, the job always takes some effort.

And coffee. Lots of it:) I should seriously invest in Foldgers.


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