Sign me up – a new author’s tips to holding a book signing

So, I’ve completed two book signings since the first Teen Mobster book, Accidental Mobster, came out in September. I have to say, I really enjoy the school talks the best, but the book signing was cool too. I did learn some lessons, however, that I fully intend to share. You’ll thank me later:)

1. Don’t bring your toddler and baby. It may seem like a fun little family event, but Daddy will not enjoy the signing at all if he’s chasing munchkin 1 and munchkin 2.

2. Bring a pen. Seriously, if you don’t want one that promotes a pharmaceutical drug, remember  to put a nice one in your bag. If you don’t have a nice one, buy one.

3. Give out Candy. It’s just not for Halloween anymore, folks! Food, especially that which contains a high content of refined sugar, is the universal bribe.

4. Check your spelling. So, maybe a person’s name is “Bob,” but don’t just assume he (or she) goes by the traditional spelling. The person’s name could very well be “Bahb.” You never know.

5. Sell yourself! Never talk down about your book. Authors who are traditionally published have such a huge mountain to climb, and we should be proud of the final product. Remember that your story must be good and special to have made it this far.

Otherwise, have fun! Whether the line is out the door or you only sell a single copy, remember that being an author is one cool job!

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